Our story

We are doctors by profession, but we have always felt that void in the education system we all are a part of. It perfectly prepares us for a dream job, but we felt it does not do enough to prepare us for a dream life. Our dream life consisted many different passions, some of which never even permitted us a sound sleep. At one point, we decided we shall break the boundaries of the system and venture into our dream lives on our own. The company was thus born in 2007, and today we practice our profession and follow our passion with equal zest. Dream life!

The initial times were when the government began acquiring barren lands in order to generate revenue, under the land acquisition act. That was when the IT giant Infosys set foot into the city, and our land banking ideas saw opportunities. We invested in time on the IT SEZ lands around with some expertise and some assistance. The strategic move worked exactly as we had prophesized it to, and the firm today stands expanded and reliable with expertise.

We often hear people repenting not having invested in land property during its initial boom. Yet, they are hard to convince even when there is an incredible opportunity around. There is a trend of exclaiming ‘I wish I had invested here’, which we intend to change around the city. We like the sound of ‘Thank God I invested here’ exclaimed with happy smiles and satisfaction of large returns, which we aim to facilitate.

This can happen through the right kind of knowledge combined with the right opportunity. This is precisely what the firm offers. Land banking is a passion, whose lessons are not learnt in classrooms, which is why we are here to help. Our best accomplishments are happy investors who draw returns in large sums and come back with better prospects!

- Dr. Guna Ranjan and Dr. Vijaya Sai G (Managing Partners)

Our mission

“Let your investment work for you”

We aim to educate our clients to make perfect investments and find luxury at a very reasonable price. We also aim to help small investors to enter into real estate by providing them best site for very minimal price. The hard-earned money must always return its worth, for which we put in massive efforts to find the right kind of investment area/apartment/villa/residential site. The money invested shall remain safe with us, and the returns earned by the client shall bring them back to us for more prospects.

Our Vision

The primary objective of the company is reliable service which shall ensure complete satisfaction on the part of the client. We aim to grow by sharing profits, slowly perhaps but surely. We never consider ourselves to be a part of the rat race to be the ‘number one’ real estate firms. Our focus has always been and will always be quality exchanges, investments and mutual returns.

The firm categorizes its clients into three categories –

Primary investor

This type of client shares the vision of the company. Clients looking for investments in residential and commercial sites are categorized here, and will be the first to be introduced to a new prospect enlisted by the company. The investments and gains will be thoroughly deliberated with the client.

These clients can also receive assistance if they want to sell their properties, for which they have to provide us a few months of prior notice. If the company fails to sell the property within the notice period, we will not claim the selling commission.

Secondary investor

Clients willing to buy existing residential/commercial projects of the company are enlisted here. The firm provides incomparable rent margins more than 10% of the invested money, as opposed to properties which depend on property price appreciation for rent. In such cases, the rental returns are nominal but we target and recommend properties that are sure to yield high returns for the client.

Tertiary client

The clients looking for a dream residence/villa are categorized here. Our team will note and understand your idea of a home to the very foundation of it and work hard to bring it to life, just as you imagined it to be or even better! Every tiny detail will be customized to suit your taste, with zero tolerance for compromise.

Messages from the Managing Partners

Dr. Guna Ranjan

“I am a dental surgeon by profession, but I ventured into real estate out of pure passion. I was raised amidst advices and directions which guided me towards a profession which provides me ‘security’ in life but I always eyed and admired the people who never had a degree, but were so successful that they provided employment to highly educated young people. Education as a formal system never appealed to me, for I believe that education is what life teaches you after your formal degree. Passions and interests are the true essence of life which need to be chased down and accomplished.

I do not discourage people who seek out academic excellence. But I am always supportive of ambitious people who chase their passions and make them work. That is my message to everyone, to always fuel your passions.”

Dr. Vijaya Sai G

“I am a Doctor by profession but my interests in real estate have today given me two highly successful careers. I believe that land development and land investments are not just ways for quicker returns, but for development on multiple levels as well.” “We thank you for visiting our website. We advocate real estate investments based on one fundamental fact – the earth is evidently not getting any bigger. But people’s land requirements are increasing every single day, owing to which land investments are the best form of investment, and highly profitable ones at that, when done with expert assistance and security.

Real estate never adheres by ‘price correction’, but by ‘time correction’. When a land market begins to boom, the time is ideal to invest and then the investment does its work for you for nearly a decade or so. However, most people tend to make their investments when everyone else is doing it, as opposed to when the time is ideal. Which is why, it is always best to approach experts and avail advice before investing hard earned money. Even when investing on ready property, possible rental influxes and upcoming projects in the area must be surveyed in advance. All these, and many more factors play a vital role in enabling quality returns.




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